Did you ever wake up one day and wonder where the years went? That realisation happened to me about 6 years ago. I had spent so many years concentrating on my career that I figured it would happen naturally.

Well it didn’t.

My partner and I have been together for almost 17 years and married for 12. When you get married you always hope that children will follow into the life plan at some stage in life and you prepare yourselves financially and emotionally for it. All those things you plan to do “before you have children” you do, and keep on doing because children still haven’t arrived.

My partner and I fall into the tough category. After many different tests, poking, prodding, blood tests, internal tests, sperm tests etc etc there is nothing medically wrong with either of us. I don’t have endo or polycystic ovaries like many other women do in our position, not does he have any sperm issues. Immune is fine, ovaries are fine…it’s just “unexplained”.

6 years ago we realised that we should go and see somebody (which I’ll talk about in another blog post) and see what our options were.

No-one tells you when you’re younger that you might experience fertility issues if you leave it too late. How many times have you heard from people “Just relax and go on holidays and it will happen naturally”. At this stage in my life I’m angry. I’m angry because I feel like I chose a career instead of trying to start a family many many years ago; I’m angry because no medical professional ever suggested when I was younger that I should think about freezing eggs or asking us what our plans were for having a child; and I’m angry that this journey is so financially and emotionally taxing in every way.

Many people on the IVF journey keep asking “Why me?” or “Why us?”. I wish I knew the answer. We all get frustrated when we see people falling pregnant so easily, or that family that have multiple children and you judge the way they are bringing them up or you can see they’re not being given the love and attention they deserve. We all know people like that. And I dare anyone who’s on the IVF journey to not say they’ve never silently judged their friends and family life choices.

We’ve undertaken multiple IVF attempts now. A combination of my own eggs, donor eggs (multiple embryos transferred), sperm donation, ICSI and all combinations possible! Every single time we’ve remained hopeful and calm. And every time thinking; could this be our time now?

I am incredibly fragile at the moment after returning again from overseas on another failed IVF journey. I am by no means out of the running just yet due to my age (mid 40’s); but some days it certainly feels like it!

In this blog I’ll be talking about:

  • My own journey with IVF in Australia and in Greece
  • Different treatment options available in Greece
  • Costs in Australia verses costs in Greece
  • Accommodation and Travel options
  • Where to go, what to do, tips and hints
  • Some hard truths they never tell you about IVF until you’ve gone through it
  • and whatever else I feel like writing about

The only thing that is keeping us going at the moment is a silly quote from Charlotte in “Sex and the City”.

“Our baby is still coming”.