If you’re reading this ( and hopefully someone in the world will ) then welcome to IVF off. My new blog and resource site about IVF treatment in Greece.

This is for those of you struggling with fertility problems, those of you new to the journey, those of you that have done multiple cycles of IVF with no happy end result, those of you that struggle emotionally, those of you that financially wonder if you can afford to, those of you that lie awake at night praying that the cycle worked, those of you that keep peeing on a pregnancy test hoping to see the magic lines appear, those of you that just want to scream when people tell you to relax and it will happen naturally, AND to those of you that have seen everyone else; their dog, the garden gnome, the rabbit, the lady up the road, third cousins twice removed get pregnant.

Yes, we do want to shout a big F off to IVF and the uncertainty, emotionally draining, financially draining, everything draining rollercoaster that is truly is.

I’d love for you to join me on a regular basis, comment if you feel like it, cry, get frustrated, laugh and nod because you understand or just be a silent partner throughout this.